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New Dingle Gate Hostel Website

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posted by Conor
Wed, 10 May 2017

2021 Update: We have refurbished and are no longer a hostel. We are now Dingle Gate House offering private rooms to all visitors.

On behalf of the Dingle Gate House, I’m proud to announce the launch of the new look dinglegatehostel.com. This new website is the result of a winding journey of collaboration which stemmed from a casual conversation with my good cousin, Brian, during my first stay at the guest house in September 2016. From here, it morphed from a prototype potential new home page and logo redesign to a full PHP and MySQL-based application for a major project that formed part of my higher diploma at Griffith College, Dublin. But, graciously, it didn’t end up on the dusty shelf of a scholastic institution. Instead, over the subsequent months, the basic booking manager has been greatly improved, a supplementary content and blog administration system developed from scratch and the remaining content pages fleshed out in order to breathe life into what was originally a mere academic abstract.

The original website had served Dingle Gate House extremely well and, in so many ways, brilliantly reflected its character and that of Brian himself. However, it had been static for some time and was not making best use of the new technological status quo. With the rapid emergence of the smart phone as the primary medium to the great online, Brian needed a website that was device responsive and one where content could be easily manipulated and renewed. The general image too needed to be tweaked in order to emphasize the family-orientation of Dingle Gate House. Brian also wished to re-position the guest house firmly within the active vibe of the immediate vicinity of Annascaul - therefore promoting the guest house as a holiday base that appeals to more than passing traffic alone.

I’d like to think, however, that the new website, while providing a fresh contemporary feel, preserves some connection with its previous incarnation. We’ve kept the dark green fleck that is typical of the surrounding scenery and much of the imagery and core details of the text have been retained or adapted. Chickens were a strong theme on the original website and, as these remain the foul of choice at the guest house, they are far from banished from the new version. However, it was decided to give the heretofore lesser-known permanent residents – the goats – pride of place on the new logo.

This new website remains an ongoing project with plans to unveil a full online booking facility in due course. For now though, hopefully you'll agree that we have created an easily navigational contemporary website that truly represents the unique charms that Dingle Gate House has to offer. Me? Well, I march on to next venture, but I suppose I shouldn’t sign off without using this window to plug my services.

As a newbie web development graduate – i.e., one who is primarily looking to expand his portfolio rather than to make a pretty penny - this is a perfect time for any would-be collaborators to enquire. I’m keen to assist small family businesses who rightly recognise that a Facebook page and mobile contact number alone are insufficient; your friends already know how great you are, but do others? I’m particularly willing to work with sole traders, charities and community groups in need of cost-effective but quality web solutions. I don’t use “drag and drop” templates that leave you with a generic website. I don’t take a ready built “solution” and hatchet it so you can squeeze yourself in. Instead, I make websites that are wholly tailor-made and unique to you and your business or organisation. Interested? Just drop me (Conor Doyle) a line: webmaster@dinglegatehostel.com

updated by Conor on 8 July 2021


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